JP1 Version 12 JP1/Network Node Manager i Setup Guide

Summary of amendments

■ The following table lists changes in this manual (3021-3-E02-20(E)) and product changes related to this manual.



A description about kernel.shmall was added to the preinstallation checklist for the NNMi management server.

Table 1‒1

A description about the specification of HTTPS port numbers during the installation of NNMi was added.

2.1.1, 2.1.2

LANG was added as an environment variable to be specified during the installation of NNMi.


A description about supported certificate formats was added.

10.3.2, 10.4.3(1)

The procedure for replacing a certificate that was created during the installation of NNMi was changed.


A description about cases where a root CA certificate needs to be imported for multiple LDAP directory servers was added.

Microsoft Edge was added as a browser to be configured for a telnet or SSH client. 11, 11.2
The description about Windows operating systems that run Internet Explorer or Firefox was changed. 11.2

A description about server elements was changed.


A description about the default port numbers set by the NNMi installation script was added.


The expression for enabling the function that auto-trims the oldest incidents was changed.


The expression for enabling the function that auto-trims the oldest SNMP trap incidents was changed.


A description about the rotation of archive files was added.


A description in Upgrading from NNMi Version 9, 10, or 11, was changed to explain how to upgrade to version 12-50.


In the list of ports used by the NNMi management server, a description about changing the settings of port 443 was added.

Table E‒1

In addition to the above changes, minor editorial corrections were made.