JP1 Version 12 JP1/Network Node Manager i Setup Guide

11. Configuring the Telnet and SSH Protocols for Use by NNMi

Choosing the Actions > Node Access > Telnet... (from client) menu item invokes the telnet command to the selected node (from the Web browser in which the NNMi console is currently running). Choosing the Actions > Node Access > Secure Shell... (from client) menu item invokes the secure shell (SSH) command to the selected node. By default, neither Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge nor Mozilla Firefox defines the telnet command or the SSH command, so using either of these menu items produces an error message. You can configure the telnet, SSH, or both protocols for each NNMi user (on a per-system basis), and you can change the NNMi console menu items. This chapter explains the configuration of the telnet and SSH protocols used in NNMi.

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