JP1 Version 12 for UNIX Systems JP1/Performance Management - Agent Option for Platform Description, User's Guide and Reference

Summary of amendments

The following table lists changes in this manual (3021-3-D84-10(E)) and product changes related to this manual.



The functionality of monitoring processes on host and container environments just like the Docker environment when the Podman environment is used in Linux.

Based on this change, descriptions common to the Docker and Podman environments were changed to the descriptions on the Linux container.

In addition, a script file to collect information of processes on the Podman container in Linux was added.

2.3.14, 2.3.21(1), 2.3.21(2), 2.3.21(3), 2.3.21(4), 2.3.21(5), 2.3.21(5)(a), 2.3.21(5)(b), 2.3.21(6), 2.3.21(6)(a), 2.3.22, 2.3.22(1)(c), 7.2.4(1)(a), 7.2.5(1)(b), 12.4.5, Appendix F.2, Appendix G, Appendix H

The following message was added:


11.2, 11.4

A note on collecting dump information when troubleshooting was added.

12.4.1, 12.4.2

Commands used to collect system information (Linux) during troubleshooting were added.


In addition to the above changes, minor editorial corrections were made.