Hitachi Advanced Database Setup and Operation Guide

1.2.2 Capability to build a large-scale database (up to exabytes)

HADB allows you to build a database for managing massive amounts of data in the exabyte range.

To manage a large volume of data, data is normally divided into smaller segments and stored in separate areas. However, this means that the data must be divided and stored elsewhere if the volume of data increases. Moreover, storing all the pieces of divided data creates more overhead.

HADB can create a single logical area that spans multiple disks. By storing tables in this area, you can manage up to exabytes of data using a single table, without having to divide the data. There is no need to divide and store the data elsewhere, even if the volume of data increases. The following figure provides a conceptual view of the structure of such a large-scale database.

Figure 1‒2: Structure of a large-scale database capable of handling petabytes or even exabytes of data


HADB also provides other facilities, such as the data import facility to help in creating a large-scale database.