Hitachi Advanced Database Setup and Operation Guide

1.1 HADB for managing data in the information explosion age

HADB is a DBMS that allows a user to build a large-scale relational database and retrieve the desired data at high speeds.

Social infrastructures have undergone radical changes in recent years, as exemplified by the spread of cloud computing. This has resulted in an explosive growth in the volume of data kept by corporations and society. The widespread use of large-capacity storage media is making this trend even more prominent.

These changes in the social infrastructures have been accompanied by a rapid increase in the volume of data that must be managed by DBMSs. As a result, existing DBMSs might no longer be able to provide satisfactory retrieval performance. How to manage the burgeoning volume of data is becoming a critical issue. At the same time, the level of interest in how to provide services that utilize this massive amount of data is also increasing.

Because of these factors, DBMSs must now provide the following features:

HADB is a DBMS developed to satisfy these requirements.

HADB is designed to manage petabytes or even exabytes of data. Using HADB allows you to build a database capable of managing a massive amount of data. Additionally, HADB uses a retrieval method that effectively utilizes advanced hardware capabilities (out-of-order execution), making it possible to retrieve data at high speeds from a large volume of data.


One petabyte is approximately 1,000 terabytes. One exabyte is approximately 1,000 petabytes.