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Before using the manuals

Please read the information below before using the manuals. In this information, "manuals" refers to the manuals available on this website unless otherwise noted.

  • The manuals are made available to prospective customers of our middleware products, with the aim of helping customers better understand the products. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to inquiries about the content of the manuals. If you have any other inquiries, please visit our Inquiries page.
  • Manuals available on this website are limited to the manuals that were developed by Hitachi, Ltd. ("our company") and which our company decided to make available. The manuals available on the website are subject to change and might become unavailable at the discretion of our company.
  • The manuals made available by our company might include manuals that are already outdated.
  • Our company does not bear any responsibility for the content of the manuals.