JP1 Version 12 JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Agent (For UNIX Systems)


This manual describes the functions and operations of the following program products:

Organization of this preface

■ Intended readers

This manual is intended for system administrators who are familiar with UNIX operations, and who are responsible for managing and maintaining the software deployed across a network, using the JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 suite of program products.

■ Organization of this manual

This manual is organized into the following parts and appendixes. This manual is for all operating systems. Any differences between operating systems concerning the operation of this program are mentioned at the appropriate place in the manual.

PART 1. Description

This part outlines the specific roles of the program products configured in a JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 system, and describes the features of JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Agent.

PART 2. Introduction and Operation

This part describes the setup required at system installation, and the settings required for related program products.

PART 3. Operations

This part explains the syntax of commands.

PART 4. Troubleshooting and Messages

This part describes what to do if a problem occurs during program operation. The reason for message output and the recommended action are given for all messages output by JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Agent.