JP1 Version 12 JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 Distribution Function Administration Guide


This manual provides details about the distribution function that uses Remote Install Manager of JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Manager (hereinafter abbreviated to JP1/IT Desktop Management 2) and describes how to use this function.

This manual also provides typical examples of using the distribution function that uses Remote Install Manager and explains the issues you need to consider before using this function.

This manual also provides details about how to use the Automatic Installation Tool (AIT), which is a component of JP1/IT Desktop Management 2. Read this manual when creating AIT files that are to be used to install software automatically.

For details about how to configure a system, see the JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 Configuration Guide.

For details about the latest notes, see the Release Notes.

Organization of this preface

■ Intended readers

This manual is intended for the following persons:

■ Organization of this manual

This manual consists of the following chapters and appendixes:

1. Overview of the Distribution Function That Uses Remote Install Manager

Chapter 1 describes the distribution function that uses Remote Install Manager.

2. Examples of Typical System Operation

Chapter 2 provides operation examples that relate to package distribution using Remote Install Manager.

3. System Design

Chapter 3 describes the issues you need to consider when designing a system in which Remote Install Manager is used to distribute software.

4. Performing Operations on the Managing Server

Chapter 4 describes the basic operations of the managing server.

5. Creating System Configuration Information and Host Groups

Chapter 5 describes how to create system configuration information, and how to group and manage the hosts to which jobs are distributed.

6. Maintaining System Configuration Information and Host Groups

Chapter 6 describes how to maintain system configuration information and host groups in a system that uses Remote Install Manager to distribute software.

7. Distributing Software

Chapter 7 describes how to distribute (and remotely install) software.

8. Managing Updates

Chapter 8 describes how to package Windows updates for distribution by using the Remote Install Manager.

9. Collecting Files from Managed Computers

Chapter 9 describes how to collect files from managed computers (by using remote collection).

10. Managing Jobs

Chapter 10 describes how to create and manage jobs.

11. Outputting Management Information

Chapter 11 explains how to output (to CSV files) information managed by the managing server, and how to print such information.

12. Performing Operations on the Agent

Chapter 12 describes how to use the functions of the agent.

13. Reporting JP1 Events to JP1/IM

Chapter 13 describes the information (for example, types and attributes of JP1 events) used to check JP1 events sent from JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 to JP1/IM.

14. Commands of the Distribution Function That Uses Remote Install Manager

Chapter 14 describes how to automate job execution and packaging in linkage with JP1/AJS, which is a program associated with JP1/IT Desktop Management 2. This chapter also describes the commands of the distribution function that uses Remote Install Manager.

15. Troubleshooting

Chapter 15 describes how to check information about problems that occur during the use of JP1/IT Desktop Management 2, and how to handle such problems.

16. Remote Installation Using an AIT File

Chapter 16 describes how to perform remote installation by using AIT files, and also provides some cautionary notes on creating and using AIT files.

17. Creating an AIT File

Chapter 17 describes how to create AIT files with the Automatic Installation Tool.

18. AIT Language Reference

Chapter 18 describes the format of AIT files and the syntax of the AIT language.

19. API Function Reference

Chapter 19 describes the APIs that can be used in the AIT language.

20. Troubleshooting the AIT

Chapter 20 describes the messages that are output when problems occur with the Automatic Installation Tool, and explains the actions to be taken.

A. Notes on Using JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Agent

Appendix A provides points to be noted when using JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 - Agent in Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 R2.

B. Outputting Audit Logs Related to Distribution by Using Remote Install Manager

Appendix B describes the information that is output to the audit log.

C. List of Menus

Appendix C lists the menus displayed in each window and icon in JP1/IT Desktop Management 2.

D. List of Icons

Appendix D lists the icons used in the user interface of JP1/IT Desktop Management 2.

E. Launching Tools from Remote Install Manager

Appendix E describes how to register and launch tools in Remote Install Manager, and provides an operation example.

F. Editing a Program Product ID File

Appendix F describes how to edit a program product ID file generated when an AIT file is created.

G. Collecting System and Software Information from Agents for UNIX and Agents for Mac

Appendix G describes how to collect system and software information from agents for UNIX and agents for Mac.

H. Version Changes

Appendix H describes the changes in each version.

I. Reference Material for This Manual

Appendix I provides reference materials for readers of this manual.

J. Glossary

Appendix J defines terms used in this manual.