JP1 Version 12 JP1/Extensible SNMP Agent Description, Operator's Guide and Reference

G. Glossary


A network management process that, when running on a managed node, manages network resources as managed objects.

agent system

A system that runs an agent.

authentication failure (authentication error)

A standard SNMP error that occurs on an agent when operations are being performed on a MIB. This error occurs when an unauthorized communication is performed.

community name

A password that is needed to access MIB values on an agent under the SNMP protocol.

enterprise ID

A code that identifies an enterprise (enterprise name).

enterprise-specific trap number

A number that identifies a trap specific to a user enterprise. Enterprise-specific trap numbers must be unique within the group of trap numbers sharing the same enterprise ID.

extended MIB object

A user-specific MIB object. Extended MIB objects are defined by using the extended MIB object definition function provided by SNMP Agent.

Extensible SNMP Agent

A Hitachi-provided agent that runs on a UNIX system.

generic trap number

An SNMP trap number defined in RFC 1157.

local registration file

A file that contains information about the background processes of NNM. Startup configuration information is created from the local registration file.


A network management facility that manages its subordinate nodes.

manager system

A system that runs a manager.

MIB module

A group of multiple MIB objects organized in a tree structure.

MIB object

Management information of a specific type or class.

MIB operation

An operation performed on a MIB object. MIB operations include Get operations, GetNext operations, and Set operations.

MIB value

The value of a MIB object.

netmon (network monitoring process)

See network monitoring process.

network monitoring process (netmon)

A background process of NNM that performs polling using SNMP requests and ICMP echo requests to locate nodes on the network.


A program used to manage network configurations, performance, and errors.

ovspmd (process manager)

See process manager.

pmd (post master)

See post master.

post master (pmd)

A background process of NNM that allocates SNMP traps and SNMP requests.

process manager (ovspmd)

A background process of NNM that monitors the activation, termination, and status of its child processes.


Stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. SNMP is a protocol that is used for network management in Internet environments.

standard MIB object

An Internet standard MIB object defined in RFC 1213.

startup configuration information

Configuration information that contains the settings for individual processes provided by NNM. The process manager references this information during the execution of the startup command ovstart. Startup configuration information is in the /usr/OV/conf/ovsuf file.