JP1 Version 12 JP1/Integrated Management 2 - Manager GUI Reference

Summary of amendments

The following table lists changes in this manual (3021-3-D54-20(E)) and product changes related to this manual.



Users can now log in to the Intelligent Integrated Management Base through authentication using an OpenID provider.


The Integrated Operation Viewer window can now display a suggestion icon if any suggestion definition information is available.


The Suggestion tab was added to the Details area in the Integrated Operation Viewer window.

2.3.1, 2.3.1(3)

The Linked unit dialog box can now display waiting relationships and jobnet connector relationships.


The Integrated Operation Viewer window can now display related nodes with different icons according to the types of the nodes.

2.3.1(5), 2.3.1(6)(c), 2.3.1(7)

The metric name was added as a metric that could be obtained from a linked product.


The following applicable OSs were added:

  • Linux 8

  • Oracle Linux 8


In addition to the above changes, minor editorial corrections were made.