JP1 Version 12 JP1/Integrated Management 2 - Manager Overview and System Design Guide

9. Linking with Other Products

JP1/IM collects and centrally manages the management information of other software products and the events that occur in the system. JP1/IM also provides a function that enables JP1/IM management information to be used by other integrated management software products, JP1/Service Support, JP1/Navigation Platform, JP1/IM - Rule Operation, VMware vCenter Operations Manager, JP1/AJS, and JP1/PFM.

JP1/Service Support registers and manages an incident when the system generates a JP1 event that is monitored by JP1/IM (the operator troubleshoots the registered and managed incident).

JP1/Navigation Platform displays application information (operating procedures) applicable to the JP1 events monitored by JP1/IM.

JP1/IM - Rule Operation executes troubleshooting processes automatically. When the system generates a JP1 event being monitored by JP1/IM, JP1/IM - Rule Operation judges the JP1 event against a rule startup condition. If the condition is met, JP1/IM - Rule Operation invokes the rule and executes the process prescribed in the rule definition.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager displays details of those alerts on the virtualization platform that correspond to the JP1 events being monitored by JP1/IM.

JP1/AJS can display from JP1/IM such JP1/AJS windows as the monitor windows of jobs corresponding to JP1 events.

JP1/PFM can display from JP1/IM such JP1/PFM windows as those for displaying the performance reports of event-source hosts corresponding to JP1 events.

This chapter describes the functionality provided by JP1/IM for linking with these products.

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