JP1 Version 12 Integrated Management: Getting Started

H. Glossary

action-excluded event

An event that is excluded from automated-action execution by a common exclusion-condition where the exclusion target is set to the action


In JP1/IM, a host managed by a manager, or a program managed by a manager program. JP1/Base acts as the agent program in a JP1/IM system, receiving processing requests from JP1/IM - View and JP1/IM - Manager, and performing tasks such as managing JP1 events and executing commands.

automated action

A function that automatically executes a command as an action when a specific JP1 event is received

In an automated action definition, you can specify conditions for executing the action and the command to be executed as the action.

business group

A unit of monitored hosts grouped by using JP1/IM - IM Configuration Management based on a certain purpose, such as units of systems used for individual businesses or the scope of monitoring targets for individual system administrators

central console

A program that enables integrated system management by centrally managing events in the system based on JP1 events

central scope

A program that enables objective-oriented system monitoring via a graphical user interface matched to the objectives of the system administrator

common exclusion-conditions

Conditions that form part of an event acquisition filter and consist of a group of conditions for filtering out JP1 events monitored by JP1/IM and excluding JP1 events from automated-action execution

correlation event

A JP1 event issued by correlation processing

event acquisition filter

A filter for setting detailed conditions about the JP1 events to be acquired by JP1/IM - Manager for display in the Event Console window

Event Console window

A JP1/IM - View window that shows the JP1 events received by the central console, in chronological order

event guide function

A function that displays guide information in the JP1/IM central console for investigating and resolving JP1 events that occur during system monitoring. The event guide function displays guidance targeted to a specific JP1 event.

event receiver filter

A filter for setting conditions, for individual JP1 users, about the JP1 events that can be viewed in the Event Console window

IM Configuration

A system hierarchy managed by IM Configuration Management

IM Configuration Management

A function that centrally manages the system hierarchy managed by JP1/IM (IM configuration) and the settings of the hosts that compose the system from IM Configuration Management - View

IM Configuration Management database

A database used by JP1/IM - Manager when implementing IM Configuration Management

IM database

A database provided by JP1/IM - Manager. IM database is a generic term for the IM Configuration Management database and the integrated monitoring database.

integrated monitoring database

A database that JP1/IM - Manager uses for the Intelligent Integrated Management Base and the central console

integrated operation viewer

A viewer that provides user interface to access the Intelligent Integrated Management Base

Intelligent Integrated Management Base

A base provided by JP1/IM to enable an integrated way to manage and collate various types of data and knowledge and share the information

JP1 event

Information for managing events occurring in the system within the JP1 framework. In this manual, JP1 events are abbreviated as events.

JP1 events are managed by the JP1/Base event service. Events generated in the system are recorded in a database as JP1 events.


A program that provides the core functionality of JP1/IM.

JP1/Base carries out processing such as the sending and receiving of events, user management, and startup control. It also serves as the agent in a JP1/IM system.

JP1/Base is a prerequisite program for JP1/IM - Manager.

JP1/IM - Manager

A program that enables integrated system management by providing centralized monitoring and operation across all system resources. JP1/IM - Manager consists of three components: the central console, the central scope, and IM Configuration Management.

JP1/IM - View

A GUI program that provides viewer functionality for realizing integrated system management in JP1/IM


A program whose role is to manage other programs or a host whose role is to manage other hosts in the JP1/IM system

In the JP1/IM system, JP1/IM - Manager serves as the manager program, and manages the agent program JP1/Base.

repeated event

A JP1 event that matches a condition specified by the user

repeated-event monitoring suppression

Functionality that prevents a large number of repeated events from being displayed in the event list of the Event Console window and that prevents a large number of actions corresponding to repeated events from being executed

severe events filter

A filter that defines the severe events to be displayed in the Severe Events page of the Event Console window

severity changing function

A function that lets users freely change the severity level of a JP1 event

severity level

One of the attributes of a JP1 event, indicating the severity of an event that occurred in the system


A GUI program that provides purpose-built windows for integrated system management in JP1/IM. Viewer may also refer to the host running the GUI program

Note that the Intelligent Integrated Management Base is accessed through the integrated operation viewer, instead of the GUI programs.

view filter

A filter that sets conditions about the JP1 events to be displayed in the Event Console window