Replication Manager Software システム構成ガイド


E.3 英略語


英略語 英字での表記
API Application Programming Interface
C/T Consistency Time
CCR Cluster Continuous Replication
CLI Command Line Interface
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSV Cluster Shared Volume
CTG ConsisTency Group
CU Control Unit
DAD Device Address Domain
DADID Device Address Domain IDentifier
DAG Database Availability Group
DKC DisK Controller
DMLU Differential-Management LU
ESR Extended Support Release
FC Fibre Channel
FCoE Fibre Channel Over Ethernet
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GPT GUID Partition Table
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUID Globally Unique IDentifier
HBA Host Bus Adapter
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
ID IDentifier
IP Internet Protocol
IPF Itanium® Processor Family
iSCSI Internet Small Computer System Interface
LAN Local Area Network
LDEV Logical DEVice
LDM Logical Disk Manager
LU Logical Unit
LUN Logical Unit Number
MBR Master Boot Record
MCU Main Control Unit
MP Maintenance Pack
NAS Network-Attached Storage
NAT Network Address Translation
NIC Network Interface Card
NTFS New Technology File System
OS Operating System
P-VOL Primary VOLume
PPRC Peer to Peer Remote Copy
RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks
RCU Remote Control Unit
RMI Remote Method Invocation
RPO Recovery Point Objective
RTO Recovery Time Objective
S-VOL Secondary VOLume
SAN Storage Area Network
SCR Standby Continuous Replication
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SP Service Pack
SPARC Scalable Processor ARChitecture
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SVP SerVice Processor
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TLS Transport Layer Security
UAC User Account Control
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UNC Universal Naming Convention
URL Uniform Resource Locator
V-VOL Virtual VOLume
VDI Virtual Device Interface
VDS Virtual Disk Service
VHD Virtual Hard Disk
VSS Volume Shadow Copy Service

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