JP1 Version 12 JP1/Network Node Manager i Setup Guide

10. Working with Certificates for NNMi

A certificate identifies the Web server to the browser. This certificate can be self-signed or signed by a CA (Certificate Authority). The nnm-key.p12 file stores private keys and certificates with their corresponding public keys. The nnm-trust.p12 file contains certificates from other parties with whom you expect to communicate or certificates from Certificate Authorities that you trust to identify other parties. NNMi includes a self-signed certificate in both of these files (nnm-key.p12 and nnm-trust.p12). To use certain NNMi features, NNMi management servers need to share their certificates with one another. This chapter contains configuration instructions for copying these certificates among NNMi management servers and using the nnmcertmerge.ovpl script to merge these certificates into the nnm-key.p12 and nnm-trust.p12 files.

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