JP1 Version 12 JP1/Integrated Management 2 - Manager Messages

Summary of amendments

The following table lists changes in this manual (3021-3-D56-20(E)) and product changes related to this manual.



The following messages were added:

KAJY00021-E, KAJY00022-E, KAJY00023-W, KAJY02055-I, KAJY22018-E, KAJY22019-E, KAJY22020-E, KAJY22021-E, KAJY22022-E, KAJY22023-I, KAJY22024-I, KAJY22025-E, KAJY22026-W, KAJY22027-W, KAJY22028-W, KAJY22029-W, KAJY22030-E, KAJY22031-E, KAJY22033-E, KAJY22034-W, KAJY22035-W, KAJY22036-W, KAJY22037-W, KAJY22038-W, KAJY22039-W, KAJY22040-I, KAJY22041-W, KAJY22042-W, KAJY22043-E, KAJY22044-W, KAJY22045-W, KAJY22046-E, KAJY22047-E, KAJY24113-E, KAJY24114-E, KAJY24115-E, KAJY24116-E, KAJY24219-E, KAJY32005-W, KAJY32006-E, KAJY52019-W, KAJY52020-E, KAJY52021-E, KAJY52022-E, KAJY52023-E, KAJY52024-W, KAJY52025-W, KAJY52026-E, KAJY52027-E, KAJY52028-E, KAJY52029-E, KAJY52030-E, KAJY52031-W, and KAJY52032-W

1.2.16, 2.17

The actions were added to the following messages:

KAJY02000-E, KAJY02003-E, KAJY02023-E, KAJY24201-E, and KAJY32211-E


The description and actions for the following message were changed:



The following applicable OSs were added:

  • Linux 8

  • Oracle Linux 8


In addition to the above changes, minor editorial corrections were made.