JP1 Version 12 JP1/Integrated Management 2 - Manager Command and Definition File Reference

Summary of amendments

The following table lists changes in this manual (3021-3-D55-10(E)) and product changes related to this manual.



The following commands were added:

  • jddsetproxyuser

1.Commands, 1.jddsetproxyuser

A functional description was modified.


The data folder for 64-bit integrated trace logs was added.

1.jcoview_log.bat(Windows only)

  • The data folder of plug-ins for the Intelligent Integrated Management Base was added.

  • The -b option was added.

1.jim_log.bat(Windows only), only)

The following functions are now available in the Intelligent Integrated Management Base:

  • Proxy server authentication

  • Configuring User-defined window display area

  • Configuring whether to use the linked unit display function

  • Configuring whether to display an icon indicating that the impact on following root jobnets is unknown

  • Compatible setting of the repeated event viewing suppression function(compatible with version 12-00)

2. Intelligent Integrated Management Base definition file (

The configuration of an object root node that belongs to a system or subsystem can now be obtained.

2. System node definition file (imdd_systemnode.conf)

A relationship between jobnets can now be defined.

2. IM management node link definition file (imdd_nodeLink_def.conf)

Specifiable substitute keywords of the Definition file for opening monitor windows, In the Intelligent Integrated Management Base, the string is not substituted was supplemented.

2. Definition file for opening monitor windows

Limitations applicable to dummy events were added.


In addition to the above changes, minor editorial corrections were made.