JP1 Version 12 JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 - Definition Assistant Description, Operator's Guide and Reference


This manual describes JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 - Definition Assistant (abbreviated hereafter to JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant).

Organization of this preface

■ Intended readers

This manual is intended for the following persons:

■ Organization of this manual

This manual is organized as follows:

1. Overview

Chapter 1 provides a functional overview of JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant, and describes examples and prerequisites for using JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

2. Functions

Chapter 2 describes the functions of JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

3. Installation and Setup

Chapter 3 describes the installation and setup procedures, and how to set up the environment setting parameters.

4. Operation

Chapter 4 describes the procedures for operating JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

5. Definition Items

Chapter 5 describes the input items displayed in the definition templates.

6. Troubleshooting

Chapter 6 describes what to do if a failure occurs in JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

7. Commands

Chapter 7 describes the commands of JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

8. Messages

Chapter 8 describes the messages output by JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

■ Reading sequence

You can select chapters in this manual to read according to your needs. We recommend you read this manual in the order shown below:



To know the overview of JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

Sections 1.1 and 1.2, and Chapter 2

To know about the necessary settings, including how to install and set up JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

Sections 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7, Chapter 3, Chapter 7, and Appendix C

To know the operation procedure.

Chapter 4

To know about the limit values for JP1/AJS3 - Definition Assistant.

Appendix B

To know the contents of the definition items.

Chapter 5

To know what to do if a problem occurs.

Chapter 6

To know the command syntax.

Chapter 7

To know the meaning of the displayed messages.

Chapter 8

To know about the files and folders to be generated.

Appendix A

To know the meaning of the terms used in this manual.

Appendix I

■ Conventions: Version numbers

The version numbers of Hitachi program products are usually written as two sets of two digits each, separated by a hyphen. For example:

The version number might be shown on the spine of a manual as Ver. 2.00, but the same version number would be written in the program as 02-00.