JP1 Version 12 JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 Overview


This manual describes the functions of JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (abbreviated hereafter to JP1/AJS3).

Organization of this preface

■ Intended readers

This manual is intended for:

■ Organization of this manual

This manual is organized into the following parts. The manual is a common reference for all supported operating systems. Any platform-dependent differences in functionality are noted in the manual.

PART 1: Overview

PART 1 describes the features of JP1/AJS3 and its component programs.

PART 2: Basic Operations

PART 2 provides JP1/AJS3 basics, including a JP1/AJS3 overview, a workflow of using JP1/AJS3 tasks, and an automated tasks workflow.

PART 3: Functions (Applications)

PART 3 describes the functions for linking JP1/AJS3 with other products, and the JP1/AJS2 functionality that is supported in JP1/AJS3.

■ Organization of JP1/AJS3 manuals and choosing the right manuals

There are 11 JP1/AJS3 manuals. The following table summarizes their contents.





Getting Started


  • Basic JP1/AJS3 operations




  • JP1/AJS3 features

  • Description of functions


System Design (Configuration) Guide


  • Information that must be considered when designing a system

  • Cautionary notes on designing a system


System Design (Work Tasks) Guide


  • Information that must be considered when constructing jobs and jobnets

  • Cautionary notes on designing jobs and jobnets


Configuration Guide


  • Installation and setup procedures

  • Environment setup procedure

  • Description of environment setting parameters

  • How to set up functions according to how the system is used


Administration Guide


  • Information required to operate a system

  • Know-how useful for JP1/AJS3 operation




  • How to troubleshoot errors

  • Data required when an error occurs


Operator's Guide


  • How to operate JP1/AJS3 - View

  • Description of windows and dialog boxes


Command Reference


  • Command syntax

  • Syntax and coding examples of information definition files

  • API details and syntax


Linkage Guide


  • Description of functions that can be used when linked with other products and the setup method




  • Messages output by JP1/AJS3

Getting Started refers to JP1 Version 12 Job Management: Getting Started (Job Scheduler). "JP1 Version 12 JP1/Automatic Job Management System 3" is omitted in other manual names.

Use the following illustration and table as a guide to determine the manuals you need to read.



Required reading

Read as necessary

To learn about the basic usage of JP1/AJS3

  • Getting Started


  • Operator's Guide


To learn about JP1/AJS3's functionalities

  • Overview


  • Linkage Guide


To configure a system (including installation and setup) that automatically runs jobs

  • System Design (Configuration) Guide


  • Configuration Guide


  • Linkage Guide


To design work tasks that will be automated (including job definitions and schedule definitions)

  • System Design (Work Tasks) Guide


  • Operator's Guide


To learn about monitoring and maintaining a running system

  • Administration Guide


  • Troubleshooting


  • Messages


To learn about what action you need to take for problems that occur during operation

  • Troubleshooting


  • Messages


To learn about operating JP1/AJS3

  • Operator's Guide


  • Command Reference


■ Replacing the term JP1/AJS3 - Agent with JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition in this manual

This manual uses the term JP1/AJS3 - Agent to mean both JP1/AJS3 - Agent and JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition. If you use JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition, replace the term JP1/AJS3 - Agent with the term JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition while reading this manual. If, however, a difference between JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition and JP1/AJS3 - Agent is described, both terms (JP1/AJS3 - Agent Minimal Edition and JP1/AJS3 - Agent) are used.