Dynamic Link Manager Software ユーザーズガイド(Solaris®用)


C.3 このマニュアルで使用している略語


略語 正式名称
AL Arbitrated Loop
API Application Programming Interface
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASM Automatic Storage Management
CHA Channel Adapter
CLPR Cache Logical Partition
CPU Central Processing Unit
CU Control Unit
DBMS Database Management System
Dev Device
DMP Dynamic Multipathing
DNS Domain Name Server
DR Dynamic Reconfiguration
EFI Extensible Firmware Interface
EUC Extended UNIX Code
FC Fibre Channel
FC-SP Fibre Channel Security Protocol
FO Failover
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
GAB Group Membership and Atomic Broadcast
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GUI Graphical User Interface
HBA Host Bus Adapter
HDev Host Device
HLU Host Logical Unit
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol
I/O Input/Output
IP Internet Protocol
iSCSI Internet Small Computer System Interface
JIS Japanese Industrial Standards
LAN Local Area Network
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDEV Logical Device
LDoms Logical Domains
LLT Low Latency Transport
LU Logical Unit
LUN Logical Unit Number
MP Maintenance Pack
NAS Network Attached Storage
NFS Network File System
NTP Network Time Protocol
OS Operating System
P Port
RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial in User Service
SAN Storage Area Network
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SLPR Storage Logical Partition
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SP Service Pack
SRU Support Repository Update
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SVP Service Processor
UFS UNIX File System
VTOC Volume Table Of Contents
WWN World Wide Name
ZFS Zettabyte File System

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